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SAN DIEGO STUCCO is the leader of the Re-Stucco industry. This is a statement we can back up by our record number of homes we Sandblast and Re-Stucco every year. We refinish hundreds of homes, schools and churches every year in San Diego County with no unresolved complaints against us with Local Consumer Protection Groups or the Contractors State License Board. We invite you to check our records if you desire.
We do a visual home appraisal and estimate your needs prior to the beginning of the job so we are aware of the problems and solutions to these problems. We will also advise you of what we propose to do to your home. Our bonded Re-Stucco will last you many years longer than anyone else because of our pre-planning and thorough preparation before Re-Stuccoing.
YOU CANNOT GET A BETTER JOB. Our Guarantee and our Service is excellent because we have complete control of the job, from start to finish. We use no subcontractors for our Re-Stuccoing, every sandblaster, stucco man and customer serviceman is a permanent employee of SAN DIEGO STUCCO and knows our high quality standards. Our men always treat you with courtesy and explain what they are doing anytime you have a question. Even though we are the leaders in our field, this is a family run business.
The owner, Jeff McHale, is a third generation Stucco man. He has been In this business since 1977, and he took over for his father in 1997. Most of our employees have been with us for many years because when we find good men we keep them. At SAN DIEGO STUCCO, we do everything possible to do the highest quality work at a fair price. When you decide to Re-Stucco, you can not go wrong with SAN DIEGO STUCCO CO. INC.

Why would you want the cheapest help to Re-stucco your home?

There are many considerations in your estimate:
  • The condition of the walls.
  • How much do we have to Sandblast off?
  • How much patching will there be?
  • Are we Sandblasting a Re-Stucco or just paint?
  • How much masking?
  • Neighbors pools to be covered and how much clean up?
  • What is the amount of material and cost of labor?
The Sandblasting and Re-Stuccoing of your home consists of two things:
materials and labor.
All contractors pay the same price for materials. Labor is where cost cutting can be made. When someone gives you a cheap price on your home, he is saving on labor by eliminating some of the steps that we use, or by using cheap help.
Men that work for us are highly paid and they are worth it! They get more because they are skilled craftsmen and take great pride in their work. They are the top professionals in our field.
We trust each of our men to uphold our high standards and they do just that. It pays in the long run to do the job right the first time. We will not entrust your home and our reputation to cheap help, just to cut corners.
We base our prices on doing the best job possible on your home not just the cheapest job we can. The difference between our high quality Re-Stucco and a cheaper job is sometimes only a few hundred dollars,
But our quality Re-Stucco is guaranteed 30 years labor and material! We are the oldest and largest Re-Stucco Company in San Diego County and we will continue to be successful because we hire the best possible help. This allows us to do a quality job, at a reasonable price. We have been standing behind our work for over 50 years, and we intend to do so for many years to come.
We hope you will become another satisfied customer.

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