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What is Fog Coating?

For projects that require touch up work, we offer fog coat services to restore the uniformity of your existing color coat. Basically, fog coat is a cement-based finish which is simply stucco without the sand. This process allows for patching, blending, freshening up, and re-coloring stucco.
Many people choose to paint stucco but are not aware of the downsides, such as chipping, flaking, color fading, and sometimes requires sandblasting or scraping to be removed.
Fog coat is a more durable option than painting as fog coat becomes part of the underlying stucco, which never flakes, peels, or requires sandblasting. It's an easy, economical, long-lasting application that can be matched to virtually any stucco color. So when it's time to rejuvenate your stucco, fog coat is the smart solution.

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