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Helpful Hints for Routine Maintenance of Your Home


You should probably look over your trim paint once a year. Before or after rainy season we suggest September.
Look especially at the south and west walls of your building. The Fascia Boards and the window sills seem to be the most affected by weather.
If your paint shows signs of wear, scrape with a putty knife, sand lightly and touch up these areas with the touch up paint we left with you. An hour or two of work each year will help your trim paint to look good and last for many years. If you have any questions, call our office and we will be glad to talk to you


We guarantee our Stucco against flaking or peeling due to faulty workmanship and faulty materials for a full 30 years.
This does not include cracks or chipping around doors or windows. These things are caused by building movement or soil problems beyond our control; however they can be repaired by you easily with the patch materials that we will provide to you at no charge.
Thank You, Best Wishes, San Diego Stucco Co. Inc.

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