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Your decision to have San Diego Stucco Co. Inc Sandblast and Re-Stucco your home is a wise one. Over 50 years in this business has given us a wealth of experience which we can pass on to you in a superior Re-Stucco Job on your home. Please read your "Get Ready Sheet." It will explain what you should do before we start.


The following is an explanation of the work to be done on your home:


We mask your windows and doors. We then sandblast the walls to remove the loose paint and loose stucco from the building. We never know just how much will come off until we actually do the sandblasting. After sandblasting, we clean up and haul away the debris.


If we are painting the trim, we will scrape and spot prime with a stain killer, then spray paint the overhangs on your home. Our intention is to have a good heavy coat of paint sprayed on your eaves prior to the re-stucco. The eaves are not finished at this time. They will be touched up by hand by our Finish Painter.


Our stucco men will scrape off loose edges that the sandblasting failed to remove. Then they bond the walls and seal cracks and proceed with the Re-Stuccoing of your home following the procedures on your contract as agreed. The Stucco Foreman will give you a bill for the stucco portion of the Contract. Included will be a Labor and Material Lien Release and instructions on the care and maintenance of your home. You can give him a check for the stucco.


Our Finish Painter will return to your home and will scrape, sand, spot prime and paint the balance of your trim. They also touch up the eaves where necessary. You can give the trim check to the Paint Foreman and he will mark your contract paid.
Our Customer Service Man is always checking the jobs to maintain our Quality Standards. You will see him from time to time as the job progresses. Unless otherwise specified, a Sandblast and Re-Stucco Job takes 5 to 7 days to complete. If we are also doing the trim on your home, the complete job averages 7 to 10 working days.
I hope this note will clarify any questions you may have about our procedures. We are always available to you at our office to answer any questions you have.

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