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Find answers to frequently asked questions about San Diego Stucco Co. Inc. services.

Why choose us?

SAN DIEGO STUCCO CO. INC, is the leader of the Re-Stucco industry. This is a statement we can back up by our record number of homes we Sandblast and Re-Stucco every year. We refinish hundreds of homes, schools and churches every year in San Diego County with no unresolved complaints against us with Local Consumer Protection Groups or the Contractors State License Board. We invite you to check our records if you desire. We do a visual home appraisal and estimate your needs prior to the beginning of the job so we are aware of the problems and solutions to these problems. We will also advise you of what we propose to do to your home. Our bonded Re-Stucco will last you many years longer than anyone else's because of our pre-planning and thorough preparation before Re-Stuccoing. YOU CANNOT GET A BETTER JOB.

What do we mean by stucco sandblasting?

Stucco sandblasting is basically the act of removing existing stucco with a high-velocity stream of 'aggregate' and water. Silica sand is the most commonly used material for removing old stucco.

Why should I sandblast my existing stucco?

Stucco sandblasting is crucial in any general restucco project. Stucco is only as strong as its 'substrate' and one must therefore sandblast to remove all existing stucco which may have become compromised and as a result, will be lacking as a suitable base for the new application.

When should I sandblast?

In any remodel or improvement, sandblasting should be performed as early on in the construction process as possible. Do not wait to install new windows and doors before stucco sandblasting; - it is better practice to perform this with the previous or 'old' windows still set in place. Even though all potentially exposed components to a home are taped off and/or covered up prior to blasting, it is still the safest route to leave the old windows in place "just in case”. On a related subject, any form of landscaping or hardscaping should also be tackled 'post sandblast' for the very same reason.

Will sandblasting damage my home?

Sandblasting in itself is an extremely harsh and destructive process and can easily damage all in its path, when in the 'wrong hands'. It is imperative that all potentially exposed areas or components are covered up and protected in advance. Your choice of stucco sandblasting professional in this aspect is of absolute paramount importance. The 'right' professional will go the extra mile to protect your home, belongings and your reputation with your neighbors!!

What is the difference between wet sandblasting and dry sandblasting?

Wet sandblasting is when water is used in the technique in the procedure. This is the most common sandblasting technique for exterior projects. Dry sandblasting, as you would imagine, does not utilize water and is typically used for metal objects. In general dry sandblasting is not permitted except by special permission from the city.

Will my neighbors' properties be affected by sandblasting?

Unfortunately, stucco sandblasting almost always upsets someone in your neighborhood. Preparation is the key element. We take every possible precaution to protect neighboring homes from damage or inconvenience by utilizing thick plastic sheets and/or scaffold tarps. In our experience, the most effective method in avoiding any issue with your neighbors is to simply pay them a brief visit a few days prior. Politely recommend that all windows are closed and cars moved if applicable.

Is a permit required for stucco sandblasting?

You can check your city ordinance to find out if a permit is required. Or call our customer service desk and one of our technicians will assist you.

How long does stucco sandblasting take?

The duration of stucco sandblasting depends heavily on the project at hand. For example, a finished home with a pool and perfectly manicured landscaping will take longer to 'protect', than a construction site. The size of the subject property obviously plays a key role, but a typical 1500 square foot home will take a full 8 hours to sandblast and clean up.
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